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TD Centre, Toronto

H2M Inc. undertook a challenging project at the TD Centre in Toronto. This extensive project involved the expert management of sealant removal and comprehensive surface preparation across 111 floors. Our skilled team utilized advanced techniques in media blasting and precision cleaning to ensure that every floor of the structure was meticulously prepared for restoration.

Throughout this large-scale project, we demonstrated our expertise in handling complex, large-scale tasks with a focus on detail and efficiency. Employing our vast experience in commercial restoration, we seamlessly integrated various services, including high-pressure cleaning, environmental safety measures, and adaptive surface treatment techniques. This project showcased capability in dealing with prominent structures and our commitment to maintaining their heritage and aesthetic qualities

The completion of the TD Centre project stands as an example of H2M Inc.'s ability to deliver top-tier restoration services. Our work here is an example of our dedication to quality and safety in rejuvenating and protecting an iconic Toronto landmark.

Swing stages at the TD Centre in Toronto
TD Centre in Toronto
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