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Safe and Effective Lead Removal Solutions

At H2M Inc., we take pride in our comprehensive lead abatement services, ensuring safe and effective removal of lead-based materials from various environments. Our commitment to health and safety is paramount, especially in projects involving hazardous substances like lead.

Comprehensive Lead Abatement Solutions

We understand the complexities involved in lead abatement and are fully equipped to handle all levels of lead removal. Our approach is meticulous and thorough, utilizing HEPA-equipped diesel-powered dust collectors and self-contained decontamination trailers, adaptable for all weather conditions. This advanced equipment enables us to conduct lead abatement with the utmost efficiency and safety, minimizing environmental impact.

Trained and Knowledgeable Team

Team members are regularly updated and retrained to stay current with the latest lead removal protocols and regulations. This continuous training ensures that our team not only adheres to industry standards but also excels in providing exceptional lead abatement services.

Tailored Lead Removal Procedures

Before commencing any lead abatement project, our Health and Safety team creates defined removal procedures. These customized plans are designed to address the specific requirements and challenges of each project, ensuring that all lead abatement activities are conducted safely, effectively, and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Why Choose H2M Inc. for Lead Abatement?

Selecting H2M Inc. for your lead abatement needs means choosing a partner committed to your safety and the environment. Our expertise in handling hazardous materials, combined with our dedication to following stringent safety protocols, makes us a trusted choice for lead abatement across Ontario.

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