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Bata Shoe Factory Lofts, Batawa

At H2M Inc., we took on the project of working on the Bata Shoe Factory, a historic building in Batawa, Ontario, as part of its conversion into the Bata Shoe Factory Lofts. Our task involved expertly sandblasting the architectural columns and floors, an important step in the building's restoration.

Our media blasting expertise was put to use on each column and floor, ensuring the preservation of the factory's original features while eliminating years of wear. This was a vital part of preparing the surfaces for further restoration and coating, key to maintaining and highlighting the building's historical value.

The Bata Shoe Factory project showcases H2M Inc.'s ability in complex restoration tasks, combining technical skills with a respect for historical preservation. Our efforts not only breathed new life into the building but also prepared it for its next chapter as the Bata Shoe Factory Lofts.

Bata Shoe Factory lofts sandblasting by H2M Inc
A worker on a building site sandblasting
Workers on site sandblasting an industrial building
A building undergoing industrial sandblasting
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