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Serving the Niagara and Greater Ontario Regions for over 15 Years

Sandblasting & Protective Coatings

Leading in commercial sandblasting, coatings, and demolition in Toronto, Niagara and the Greater Toronto area. H2M Inc. offers expert restoration, surface prep, and more, ensuring safe, high-quality project results.

Committed to excellence, backed by COR Certification.



A person sandblasting heavy machinery

Our media blasting services expertly prepare surfaces for their next phase, using materials like sand, glass, and soda for large-scale projects. Our team skillfully chooses the right approach for each surface, whether delicate or robust. We prioritize safety, precision, and environmental responsibility in every project, ensuring top-quality results.

A freshly sandblasted wood ceiling in a community pool centre in Elliot Lake, Ontario

Effective surface preparation is critical in large-scale projects. Our team specializes in preparing various substrates, setting the stage for durable and effective coatings.

Log cabin home freshly pressure washed

H2M Inc.'s pressure washing service is designed to thoroughly clean and prepare surfaces for subsequent treatment. Our expertise ensures that every project, regardless of scale, receives meticulous care.

Steel beam before and after protective coatings and paint

Our painting and protective coatings are about more than aesthetics; they're about enduring protection. H2M Inc. collaborates with you to select coatings that meet the demands of your large or small  scale project, ensuring lasting results.

Man on lift in room covered with tarps for lead abatement work

In lead abatement, safety and precision are paramount. H2M Inc. adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring a secure environment throughout your project's lifecycle.

Man on boom lift media blasting


At H2M Inc., we offer over 15 years of in-depth expertise in demolition and restoration. Rooted in a family business tradition and operational for over a decade, our team has skillfully completed a diverse array of commercial projects across Ontario. Our services include sandblasting/media blasting, surface preparation, pressure washing, painting and protective coatings, and lead abatement. We deliver solutions that are timely, within budget, and uphold superior work standards.

Our dedication extends beyond project completion, with occupational health and safety at the forefront of our operations. Proudly COR Certified, our health and safety program aligns with the rigorous standards of the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA). At H2M Inc., we aim to ensure every project benefits from our wealth of knowledge, resources, and unwavering commitment to safety and excellence.


Highlighted here are H2M Inc.'s landmark projects, featuring the TD Centre and Union Station in Toronto and the Bata Shoe Factory Lofts in Batawa. These projects exemplify our dedication to excellence in large-scale demolition and restoration, demonstrating our ability in navigating complex challenges with precision and expertise.

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