Safety at H2M Inc.

At H2M Inc. we firmly believe that we are only as good as the committed and dedicated people who work for us! That’s why our # 1 priority, on par with our promise to our customers to provide a positive and rewarding experience, is ensuring our employees are healthy and safe at work and go home at the end of each day in the same condition as they started their day.

We are so committed to this priority that we asked the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) to measure our:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy, and the very detailed components of our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program we put into place to implement those policies against the strict standards of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) and we are proud to say we attained our COR in December, 2017.

H2M Inc. recognizes all work comes with certain risks to worker health and safety and the work we perform is no different. Demolition and restoration work, by its very nature, is often hazardous and comes with a higher level of risk to health and safety….to our workers, other workers on the projects we work on and even the general public.

That’s why H2M Inc. managers, supervisor and our workers analyze each job, in collaboration with our team of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) professionals, before we start a project and at the beginning of each shift, to identify and evaluate the hazards and risks we will be encountering and to develop a plan to effectively manage or eliminate those risks. Our competent supervisors and workers then ensure the work proceeds according to that safe work plan.

H2M INC. is vitally committed to the health and safety of its employees. The protection of our employees from work-related injury or illness is our number one objective. We recognize that our workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace.

As the employer, H2M INC. takes its responsibilities seriously and as the President my commitment is to pursue every reasonable precaution to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. But I also recognize we cannot achieve our objective on our own. In the true spirit of the Internal Responsibility System (IRS), as set out in Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, achieving our objective requires that all our employees…….management, supervisors and workers……must also be dedicated to the continuing objective of reducing the risk of injury and illness at work. At H2M Inc. we are committed to working cooperatively with all employees in the development and implementation of our health and safety program.

The complete list of legislated health and safety responsibilities for all workplace parties are clearly defined in Section 13 of the H2M Inc. OHS Program.

H2M Inc. supervisors are responsible to ensure that machinery and equipment are safe and that workers work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures. Supervisors will be held accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision and they will ensure workers receive adequate training in their specific work tasks to protect their health and safety. We will also ensure all our employees understand the importance of this OHS Policy and the implications it has for all of us.

Every worker in turn must also take steps to protect his or her own health and safety by working in compliance with the law and with the safe work practices and procedures established by H2M Inc. which forms an integral component of our written health and safety program and is available to all employees. Workers will receive information, training and competent supervision in their specific work tasks to protect their health and safety.

It is in the best interest of all parties to consider health and safety in every activity and our employees are encouraged to fulfill their legal duty to report a contravention of the OHSA or the regulations or any workplace hazard or defect in any equipment or protective device to their immediate supervisor.

Commitment to health and safety must form an integral part of this organization and I am confident that by working together we can achieve our number one objective.

Anthony Hall
H2M Inc.

*Note: this OHS Policy is reviewed annually. Please refer to the Senior Management Committee OHS Meeting minutes.